My journey in Tai Chi and the Tao started in the ‘70s all because of the TV show

Kung Fu. I decided I wanted to learn Kung Fu and upon the recommendation of a

friend, began studying in Chicago.

After studying for two years, the masters in the school walked in and said that they

met a young Tai Chi master who had just come from Taiwan. Master Waysun Liao

had turned the martial arts society upside down, and from that day, we were going

to learn Tai Chi instead of Kung Fu.

When I began to learn Tai Chi (literally “Supreme Ultimate ”), I had no idea of the

impact it would make in my life – and it took me well over 30 years to even grasp

the concept. I stopped studying Tai Chi three years after I had walked into the Kung

Fu studio. I tried several times to start again over the years, but nothing took hold.

Even so, I knew Tai Chi was still with me; I could feel its energy. It wasn’t until the

early 2000s that I would realize how integral Tai Chi was to my life.

Around that time, my health was starting to fail and my business was taking its toll

on me. I called the Tai Chi Center in Oak Park, the home of Master Liao. There, I

studied for several years under the instruction of Paul Channic, an advanced student

at the time (he is now a Tai Chi Master, and has since become one of my closest

friends and confidants).

Later, as I became a direct student of Master Liao, I began to understand how much

more Tai Chi is, how it broadened my knowledge and led me to a deep

understanding about truth in the universe (and even this dimension). During this

journey, my health has improved, I sold my business, and I have met so many people

and other Masters of Tai Chi who have influenced me greatly.

After many hours of practice – Tai Chi, just like anything, doesn’t work if you don’t

practice – many hours spent with Master Liao, and several trips to Taiwan, I now

know my mission is to talk about Tao and to teach Tai Chi.

I am grateful to have a partner in life, Kathie, a beautiful family, - and now - a

sanctuary in which to complete my journey through this lifetime.

Marc Troop -Founder, MT Tai Chi


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